Monday, April 25, 2011

Extra Practice? 12 May

On the evening of Thursday, 12 May, the League are hosting a skills session for intermediate and advanced level players at Finsbury Park. The session will be led by player/coaches from bat manufacturer Combat.

For more information see:
Combat slowpitch clinicians to visit Britain and Ireland under ESF-ASA agreement

Places will be limited so again please let me (Rob) know asap if you would like to attend. We are all “intermediate and advanced” players so don’t be shy!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Dazzlers promoted to Majors Div 3

Boy oh boy, that was close...but we did it! 

Dazzlers 1 7 1 0 0 2 = 11
Cheetahs 1 1 1 1 5 1 = 10
(Dazzlers promoted to Majors Div 3)

Write up from Rob for Tues 19 April 2011
Dazzlers started as slight underdogs in the glorious sunshine and lush home comforts of a pristine Finsbury Park but a huge offensive 2nd innings gave us a nice 7 run lead.  However, a very experienced Cheetahs side eroded the deficit away and drew level by the end of the 5th. All the momentum was with them having only allowed 1 Dazzler on base in the previous 9 at-bats. With the umpire calling no new innings just as the 6th started everybody knew where they stood and it was effectively a 1 inning shootout! Dazzlers were quickly 2 out and staring down the barrel of an agonosing defeat before 3 pressure base hits and a walk gave us an absolute lifeline with 2 runs on the board and something to defend as the Cheetahs took to the plate for the final time. Again though, it looked all over a Cheetahs win when they scored a quick run and had runners on 1st and 2nd with No Outs still showing on the scoreboard. But it wouldn't be the Dazzlers without a bit of late late drama, and would-you-believe-it the next 3 batters were all retired without any addition to their score to give us an astounding 1 run victory!

This was a huge team effort from the 1st pitch right to the end, with everyone contributing in the field and as the stats show below every dazzler getting at least 1 hit.

Player notes:

  • Jack (1-3) Got the show on the road with a big lead-off hit and score, then ground-fielded like a demon in right centre
  • Laura (2-3) Standout performance in the field on second-base and batted well to seal the MVP award comfortably
  • Tony (1-3) Captain Marvel led by example at Short and 2-out 3 run homer gave us a big cushion in the 2nd
  • Amy (2-3) Safest hands in the business at 1, plus 2 more hits to the totaliser
  • Steve (1-3) Massive pressure leading off final innings and didn't disappoint the Dazzler fans with a super hit
  • Erin (1-3) Solid as ever in left centre and took winning catch to spark the celebrations
  • Isaac (2-3) Immense performance in left field snaffling big catch after big catch and 2 runs to boot
  • Rosie (1-3) Huge (huge!) hit in the final inning with 2 out and then crossed for winning run
  • Rob (1-2)[6 IP] Very cool walk in the last inning or just wasn't going to swing no matter what? Only one person knows!
  • Carolyn (3-3) Excellent night at the plate capped by batting in the game-winning run and very solid in right field
  • Simon (1-3) Started like a train both at the plate and out of position at 3rd but will be looking to resume Pitching duties asap
  • Clarissa (1-2) The new Catching Queen on the block and is set to fill Nicoles gone-but-not-forgotten boots with aplomb after this impressive dogged display

Special thanks to Paul who scored the whole game and kept us in order.

Roll on the Majors...the first time we will be playing at division 3 in our history :)
And let's not forget we have some very good and committed players on our roster who didn't even play last night so we have a lot to look forward to as a Club, this was a win for the whole squad.

Add photos if you have them or send them over to Laura to upload.