Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Two WIns - One of 'Em For Real

Last monday's home game against the Tiger Cubs was ruled a forfeit when the Cubs failed to produce the required number of players. Score that one 7-0 in favor of the Dazzlers, our first official league victory, though I think it is fair to say that all of us would've prefered to play that evening.

An intra-squad game at Finsbury Park followed that evening and showcased some of the skills we'd hoped to put to use against the Cubs.

Last night, we returned to Clapham Common South for an away game vs. The Beyond Bermuda Shorts. Despite the Shorts' fearsome longball attack (I lost count of how many long homers they hit to the deepest portions of, uh, Clapham Common), the Dazzlers survived a nightmarish 4th inning in the field (8 runs allowed) to win 15-12.

Mark Coombes was tremendous pitching in relief of Paul Tiu. Tiu, for his part, made a number of sparkling plays at short late in the game, and his 2-out, 2 run homer in the top of the 6th capped a wild comeback for the Dazzlers. And said game-winning hit wouldn't have occured were it not for Leanne Simmons' preceeding double.

Saturday, May 15, 2004


11 May - a 10 run rally in the top of the 6th isn't quite enough to topple the Sumatra Panthers on their home ground. The Panthers pushed across a run in their half of the inning to cost the Bobby Dazzlers their inaugural game, 17-16.

Though some would maintain the game was marred by poor umpiring and strange groundskeeping, others will contend that boorish behaviour on the part of the visiting team won them few friends that night. Hey, guilty as charged! Kudos to the Panthers on a game well played, and we look forward to exacting some degree of revenge later in the season. In a purely sporting manner, of course.

15 May - A fair number of the squad shook off hangovers and brutal Central London traffic to take part in Saturday morning training in Finsbury Park. Only one of us suffered a debilitating injury and all things considered, Los Dazzlers, while not quite Dazzling, exhibited far more competency and skill than we've seen in previous workouts (or in last Tuesday's game), which bodes well for Monday's contest against the Tiger Cubs.

As the day wore on, the mix of UK garage & hip hop eminating from the far corners of Finsbury Park's baseball fields became deafening, and play was halted for an reinactment of Mike Veeck's ill-fated "Disco Demolition Night"