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For next season!

Ultimate batting practice

Dazzlers 15 @ Oblivion 18 - Scorecard

Oblivion 0 4 0 1 13 0 x = 18 
Dazzlers 0 1 4 0 1 4 5 = 15

Jack (3-4)
Amy (4-4; 3 RBI) MVP!
Tony (2-4; RBI)
Carolyn (1-3; RBI)
Timmo (3-4; RBI)
Laura (3-4)
Steve (4-4; 4 RBI)
Rosie (3-4; 2 RBI)
Rob (1-4; RBI; 7IP)
Shannon (1-3)
Paul (1-3: 2 RBI)
Clarissa (0-3)
As the scorecard suggests a funny old game, we would have murdered them apart from a devastating 5th innings in which they blitzed 13 runs! We started well and were 5-4 up after 3 with our top order firing, Clarissa making a massive tag at plate, and Steve bashing everything. And then, with the game seemingly over, we had the audacity to make a massive comeback in the final 2 innings to get within 3 runs before I struckout, oops. Still, we will aim to beat these twice next year and we'll be on our way to promotion for sure!
Normal service will be resumed tomorrow :)

Dazzlers 14, Raiders Blue 4 - Report

Raiders B 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 = 4
Dazzlers  0 6 5 0 2 1 x = 14

Dazzlers crushed Raiders Blue last night in a B-grade performance of some distinction. If revenge is a dish best served cold, then this game should have been played in a freezer, with Dazzlers atoneing for the early season 1-run defeat in some style. Make no mistake, this was a massive win for the red&whites as it guaranteed Majors Softball for the Dazzler franchise in 2012 and starts to set the blueprint for future seasons of how we should be performing week in week out.

After a quiet start to the game from both sides, the Dazzlers high-tempo offense piled on 11 runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings which Raiders never recovered from. In fact, their primary focus after that was on avoiding the Mercy. Raiders offense just couldn't get going against the best defence in the Division, with some breathtaking fielding killing off any hopes of a close game. In the end, a Dazzler double-digit victory was just reward for a very good team performance in the Finsbury sunshine.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

High-5's all around!

Some Famous Baseball Quotes That Fit The Ocassion!!!

"There are three types of baseball players: those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what happens."
– Tommy Lasorda
"Grantland Rice, the great sportswriter once said, 'It's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game.' Well Grantland Rice can go to hell as far as I'm concerned."
- Gene Autry
"You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball, and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time."
- Jim Bouton in Ball Four
"I'd walk through hell in a gasoline suit to play baseball."
- Pete Rose
"One of the beautiful things about baseball is that every once in a while you come into a situation where you want to, and where you have to, reach down and prove something."
- Nolan Ryan, Hall of Fame Pitcher

Go Dazzlers!!!

Dazzlers 10, Italian Suede all about it!

Extra Inning Classic - Fabulous Finsbury Park - 18 July 2011 

Italian Suede 2 0 0 0 6 0 0 1 - 9
Finsbury Dazzlers 0 1 3 2 0 2 0 2 - 10

Check out the longest match report in history from Simon's email  :)

Dazzlers 14 @ Secret Agents 6 - Report

Secret A 0 1 0 1 0 4 0 = 6
Dazzlers 0 3 5 2 0 2 2 =
Dazzlers last night completed the sweep of Secret Agents to gain a massive advantage in the battle to avoid the drop in to the Minors and set up a late-season push for a top half finish with 5 games to go. Another, ahem, dazzling batting performance against the Agents sealed a double over the I's and also helped to record our first ever victory at Battersea Ironside. The defence was again hot but Dazzler fans would have been heartened to see the offence really click in to gear following a tough season with the bat that has plagued us all summer. Indeed, everyone registered at least one hit and we went 25-42 on a night of much pride for the red & whites.
The game had started indifferently for Dazzlers with Amy's late inclusion on the DL meaning a raft of switches to the line-up, but nobody panicked and we took to the field with high hopes. Not even our top order floundering with the bat in the 1st could rattle the Dazzlers. Instead, from there on in we put on a softball exhibition of zero errors and exemplary teamwork to bring home the bacon when it mattered. The tempo on the sidelines when we were batting and on the diamond when we were fielding was was high all night, which shook the Agents, who just could not get 2 batters in a row on base until the 6th inning, but they were chasing shadows by then. For a change Dazzlers hardly left anyone on base and pretty much made the most of all scoring opportunites, registering no less than 5 multiple-run innings to post a comprehensive 8-run victory that was the catalyst for an improptu alcoholic picnic party in the Earlsfield sunshine that went on long in to the night!

Dazzlers 7, Comers 12 - Report

Comers H 1 2 2 3 0 3 1 = 12
Dazzlers 0 3 0 2 1 1 0 = 7

Just when Dazzlers were building up a good head of steam in the Majors, the Red&White train was temporarily de-railed after a bruising encounter with the Machine that is Comers Homers. A real good game of softball ended in a 5 run defeat as we huffed and we puffed but we couldn't quite blow the Comers door down! It was one of them evenings when we showed good batting potential in every inning but we never really gelled it all together in one inning for a game-winning biggie. We certainly had our chances, we left a lot of runners on base, and let the oppo score a few too many when we had them 2 out early in several innings. C'est la vie, Comers are a very good side and are top of the division for a reason, but for the second time this season, we showed we can compete with them, gave them a good game and a fair few hairy moments all evening, especially at 3-3 and 8-6 when all the momentum was with us and they had to dig deep, like a softballing Rafael
 Nadal against our Andy Murray!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

George has always had a fear of heart-shaped straws

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dazzlers 6, Raiders Red 4 Match - Report

Swinging in the Rain!

RaidersR 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 = 4
Dazzlers 4 0 1 0 1 0 x =

Dazzlers were singin' in the rain as the Raiders Rouge were given a lesson in tight D! With a little less moisture on the ball, this could even have been a shut out with the Dazzlers in dominant form under the grey skies of Fortress Finsbury. A much needed win was savoured by all present as a gritty victory against our nemesis from last season led to relief all round and much frivolity in the pub afterwards. Even the landlord saw how much fun we were having and showered us with complimentary victory snacks! Hell, even I bought a round.

Despite the weather, Dazzlers started brightly and had a monster 1st innings with 4 consecutive RBI's that the Raiders were powerless to stop. Despite a small blip in the 2nd where a couple of slippery overthrows literally handed them a couple of runs, Raiders just couldn't pierce the Dazzlers mega infield and a series of defensive 3 up-3 downs left the visitors needing 3 runs in the 7th just to make Dazzlers bat again. No Raiders side ever lies down in the face of defeat, and they threw everything at us in that final inning, but two outstanding pressure plays left them stranded with runners on and the Dazzlers jumping for joy, soaked but victorious. And thirsty, of course.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

post-tournament bliss

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Head's up!

Dazzlers 7, Oblivion 20 - Report

Oblivion 3 2 9 4 0 2 0 = 20
Dazzlers 0 2 1 1 2 0 1 = 7

No getting round this one, Dazzlers were chewed up and spat out by a very organised and experienced Oblivion team. We just never got going after some wayward defensive work in the 1st and even though we battled away to steady the ship in the final 3 innings, the game was already up. We seemed unable to counter-act their clever hitting, excellent hustling and squeezing round the bases, and then offensively we found it hard to penetrate their tight in-field to put that big innings we needed together.

It goes like that some nights, so we will draw a line under this and move on!

Dazzlers 11 @ Raiders Blue 12 - Report

Dazzlers 3 0 2 2 1 0 3 = 11
Raiders B 1 1 1 3 4 2 x = 12

Softball was the winner tonight. A really tight game that ebbed and flowed like a good game should ended with the Raiders just doing enough to take home the spoils, and still leave the Dazzlers winless on the road. We will have to make hay during the big home stand coming up. Finsbury Diamond One will be our saviour!

It was the Dazzlers who started best and we were still sitting pretty after 4 with some good multiple-base hitting and tight D, but in true Raiders style they kept chipping away, and like last week a comparatively big 5th inning against us cost us the contest. Raiders were made to work hard to close out the game as a massive 7th inning rally looked on the cards for the Dazzlers, until a couple of sublime catches brought the curtain down on a heartbreaker for the red and whites.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Dazzlers 32, Secret Agents 17 - Report

Dazzlers 8 7 1 4 0 12 = 32

Secret A 3 1 0 0 5 8  = 17

A batting master-class from the Dazzlers offense as we deservedly won our home opener at Fortress Finsbury. This Slugfest in the Sun was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all present as the resurgent Dazzlers bounced back from the narrow Comers defeat to register our first victory in the Majors!

Batting records were being broken at regular intervals, and the stat that stands out most is that all 12 players got at least one RBI. That is amazing at any level of the game. It really shows the depth we have now and that we play as a team, first and foremost.

It was the Secret Agents that actually started the better, quickly registering 3 runs with no outs, but in a feat to be repeated a couple of times later in the game, our defence managed to retire 3 batters in a row when under pressure to limit the damage, and give our awesome hitters the confidence to relax and go for it. Despite a brief wobble near the end where the Secret Agents showed good grit and determination to bat their way back in to the game, Dazzlers ran out easy winners with a monster 12-run inning to enforce the Mercy rule.

Dazzlers 7 @ Suede 14 - Report

Dazzlers 4 0 1 0 2 0 0 = 7
Italian S  0 2 0 1 9 2 x = 14

It was all looking so good. Middle of 5, Dazzlers leading 7 to 3, defence looking hot...
Then, bam, a monster 9-run inning for the Suede and it was all over bar the ice packs.
Can't win em all I suppose but that first Road win of the season sure would be nice. We'll take this one on the chin though.

In truth, on the night the Dazzlers batting never really got going to anywhere near the giddy levels of last week, and we got out of a couple of scrapes in earlier innings when fielding, Suede leaving countless stranded on base, in what is fast becoming our trademark Emergency Hold!
We again showed we are definitely playing at the right level with some canny play, albeit against very solid teams. But as the season progresses and with a couple more practices hopefully over the next 2-3 weekends (watch this space) we can only get better.

Hats off to the Dazzlers too, pretty much everyone came to the pub after (and the Red Lion did not disappoint!) where we nursed injuries and pride in equal measure as our next victory was plotted!

Dazzlers 9 @ Comers 11 - Report

Dazzlers 2 0 1 2 0 1 3 = 9

Comers H 3 0 2 0 3 3 x = 11

A good performance from the Dazzlers on another sunkist evening at Finsbury, we gave them a very good game right up until the end, but unfortunately on this occasion we came up just short by a couple of runs. Comers are also a good side, and played well too, so hearty congratulations to them. We battled away all the way to the end and we can take plenty of positives from the game and we can certainly look forward to the rest of the season at this level.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Extra Practice? 12 May

On the evening of Thursday, 12 May, the League are hosting a skills session for intermediate and advanced level players at Finsbury Park. The session will be led by player/coaches from bat manufacturer Combat.

For more information see:
Combat slowpitch clinicians to visit Britain and Ireland under ESF-ASA agreement

Places will be limited so again please let me (Rob) know asap if you would like to attend. We are all “intermediate and advanced” players so don’t be shy!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Dazzlers promoted to Majors Div 3

Boy oh boy, that was close...but we did it! 

Dazzlers 1 7 1 0 0 2 = 11
Cheetahs 1 1 1 1 5 1 = 10
(Dazzlers promoted to Majors Div 3)

Write up from Rob for Tues 19 April 2011
Dazzlers started as slight underdogs in the glorious sunshine and lush home comforts of a pristine Finsbury Park but a huge offensive 2nd innings gave us a nice 7 run lead.  However, a very experienced Cheetahs side eroded the deficit away and drew level by the end of the 5th. All the momentum was with them having only allowed 1 Dazzler on base in the previous 9 at-bats. With the umpire calling no new innings just as the 6th started everybody knew where they stood and it was effectively a 1 inning shootout! Dazzlers were quickly 2 out and staring down the barrel of an agonosing defeat before 3 pressure base hits and a walk gave us an absolute lifeline with 2 runs on the board and something to defend as the Cheetahs took to the plate for the final time. Again though, it looked all over a Cheetahs win when they scored a quick run and had runners on 1st and 2nd with No Outs still showing on the scoreboard. But it wouldn't be the Dazzlers without a bit of late late drama, and would-you-believe-it the next 3 batters were all retired without any addition to their score to give us an astounding 1 run victory!

This was a huge team effort from the 1st pitch right to the end, with everyone contributing in the field and as the stats show below every dazzler getting at least 1 hit.

Player notes:

  • Jack (1-3) Got the show on the road with a big lead-off hit and score, then ground-fielded like a demon in right centre
  • Laura (2-3) Standout performance in the field on second-base and batted well to seal the MVP award comfortably
  • Tony (1-3) Captain Marvel led by example at Short and 2-out 3 run homer gave us a big cushion in the 2nd
  • Amy (2-3) Safest hands in the business at 1, plus 2 more hits to the totaliser
  • Steve (1-3) Massive pressure leading off final innings and didn't disappoint the Dazzler fans with a super hit
  • Erin (1-3) Solid as ever in left centre and took winning catch to spark the celebrations
  • Isaac (2-3) Immense performance in left field snaffling big catch after big catch and 2 runs to boot
  • Rosie (1-3) Huge (huge!) hit in the final inning with 2 out and then crossed for winning run
  • Rob (1-2)[6 IP] Very cool walk in the last inning or just wasn't going to swing no matter what? Only one person knows!
  • Carolyn (3-3) Excellent night at the plate capped by batting in the game-winning run and very solid in right field
  • Simon (1-3) Started like a train both at the plate and out of position at 3rd but will be looking to resume Pitching duties asap
  • Clarissa (1-2) The new Catching Queen on the block and is set to fill Nicoles gone-but-not-forgotten boots with aplomb after this impressive dogged display

Special thanks to Paul who scored the whole game and kept us in order.

Roll on the Majors...the first time we will be playing at division 3 in our history :)
And let's not forget we have some very good and committed players on our roster who didn't even play last night so we have a lot to look forward to as a Club, this was a win for the whole squad.

Add photos if you have them or send them over to Laura to upload.