Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dazzlers 11 @ Raiders Blue 12 - Report

Dazzlers 3 0 2 2 1 0 3 = 11
Raiders B 1 1 1 3 4 2 x = 12

Softball was the winner tonight. A really tight game that ebbed and flowed like a good game should ended with the Raiders just doing enough to take home the spoils, and still leave the Dazzlers winless on the road. We will have to make hay during the big home stand coming up. Finsbury Diamond One will be our saviour!

It was the Dazzlers who started best and we were still sitting pretty after 4 with some good multiple-base hitting and tight D, but in true Raiders style they kept chipping away, and like last week a comparatively big 5th inning against us cost us the contest. Raiders were made to work hard to close out the game as a massive 7th inning rally looked on the cards for the Dazzlers, until a couple of sublime catches brought the curtain down on a heartbreaker for the red and whites.

Player Notes:
Simon (4-4; 2 RBI) Massive night with the bat for the stand-in DH who gave a flawless lesson in leading off. MVP; and much Randy love.
Carolyn (0-3; RBI) Even on a bad night at the plate she still managed a sac fly in the 7th to bring us to within 1 run.
Tony (3-4; 4 RBI) Another real impressive all-round performance and a base hit away from going Cycle.
Erin (2-4; 2 RBI) 2-run homer in the first and a monster pressure catch earned a couple of deserved MVP votes.
George (2-3) Clocked up so much ground in left field and a couple of nice hits to silence the Canada-baiters!
Julia (0-3) You will not see that batting stat too often against this girl's name, but sound as a pound at first.
Steve (1-3) Everything was being pelted at him at 3rd and made some outrageous diving stops.
Shannon (2-3) Looked like she hadn't been away until the injury jinx hit again late on. What a trooper!
Paul (2-3) Mr Reliable now. Safe glove and safe bat.
Clarissa (1-3) After all that extra weekend practice at catcher, had to then fill in at short-notice at 2nd with all the injuries, and did us proud in a real baptism of fire.
Rob (3-3; 2 RBI; 6 IP) A real mixed bag, and proof that statistics do sometimes lie!
Mary (1-3) Promising debut and helped give us that little bit of hope in the 7th

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