Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Few fireworks July 4th

Defeat in the tube-free wilds of Hackney takes our losing streak to 6 and bottom of the League. Gotta change soon... We did make it through the local graveyard to the pub all right (see pic), and that may have been our main achievement on a night when the shorthanded home side weren't taken too close by a Dazzler team with 3 debutants. I could have said 'rookies' but Frank clearly knows what he's doing, as a nice RBI line drive in the 5th, launching another of our not-quite-rallies, showed. Now, the Tecumsehs do have a nice pub, and were very friendly once there; but were sticklers out on the pitch, appealing for an out on debutant Mick's chest-height edge through to the catcher, finding one more run than our scorers noted, and not keen to play on when a dog roamed into the outfield. No problem for Nicole though, who fielded the dog confidently.

'Fraid the rest of our fielding wasn't so hot, and although Lance pitched neatly, a questionable strike zone from the umpire delivered walks 2 or 3 times to their weaker hitters when it might have been 'side away'. Karen took a good catch behind the plate, and Tony held on to a big one in the outfield, but then failed to get a glove on 2 more at LF as the Tecumsehs pulled away with big runscoring swipes in the 5th and 6th....

New captain Amy, having toiled over the roster and her motivational speech, was mighty unlucky to see a series of well-struck fly balls go straight into Tecumseh gloves. Scrambled singles and walks to Dazzlers kept bringing stand-ins Mick (who's pretty at home on a cricket pitch these days) and Steph to the plate in clutch situations. They strove gamely, but couldn't repeat Rob's 2-out bases-loaded hitting that had put us briefly ahead in the first. Jack did have one good hit, Shannon an RBI, but no real fireworks from the Dazzlers this July 4th...

Dazzlers 2 0 0 1 2 1 0 - 6
Tecumsehs 3 0 7 0 4 4 x - 18
[Clissold Park: 4-7-07]