Monday, June 21, 2010

The Mob @ Dazzlers, 15 June 2010

The Dazzlers lost this match through no fault of their own. They did enough to win it but were prevented. From their very first at-bat to their last, the story was the same. It's an old one which has been repeated several times over the years. But that doesn't make it any easier to accept.

It has even upset Don Tona, who is normally a very reasonable man.

It's too upsetting to write any more. Well played Dazzlers, again a good game in the field. Batting maybe we could have done better and made our own luck, but as said above, we did do enough really.

The Mob 8
Dazzlers 7

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

T-Cats meet their match (brought to you by the letters F and D, and by the number 18),ThunderCat Squares @ Dazzlers, 7 June 2010

Contrary to what their name suggests, ThunderCat Squares are a softball team, not a quiz team specialising in the 1980s cartoon series featuring the exploits of Lion-O and chums as they saw off evil attacks from Mum-Ra the Everliving. On Monday evening they travelled to Finsbury Park to face the resurgent Dazzlers.

The Squares began boldly, hitting three runs in the top of the first. The Dazzlers loaded the bases in response, but failed to score. The Dazzlers conceded only one to the Squares' lower order in the second innings, despite some juggling in the field, before Rob produced an RBI from his violin case of weapons, seeing Simon home in a classic ba-da-bing manoeuvre. The Squares proceeded to hit long into the outfield, placing perfectly between Ed and Erin to score three more and put themselves 7-1 up as the Dazzlers went to the plate for third time.

This is where the Dazzlers came to life, set off by Isaac batting home Jack and Erin with a home run. Amy was unlucky to be caught in the same situation but still batted Maggie in on the sacrifice. Ed, Steve and Simon, each with their own style of running, also scored to pull the Dazzlers into a one point lead.

Despite an attempt by a ThunderCat runner to take out Isaac at second, both teams failed to score in the 4th innings. The Dazzlers then started to pull away, assisted by Steph and Simon’s pressure running. Rob and Jen then set themselves up in scoring positions for the top order to send home, before Ed’s home run scored another two. This gave the Dazzlers a cushion, but the Squares’ dangerous top order was up in the final innings.

With runners on base the Squares made the mistake of hitting deep to left field, where Jack took his third catch of the night. They then tried hitting shorter and just inside the foul line, however it hung in the air just long enough for Jack to make the catch then make the return to Maggie for a tag at third as the Squares’ runner made a crazy play for the base. Thus concluded the game among scenes of excitement in front of the Dazzlers’ dug-out where many dedicated Dazzlerfans, including club founder Tony Delahunty, had whipped one another into an orgy of tension.

MVP for the night was Super Grover, flying around to recover from earlier mistakes and take many catches.

Just look at that awesome superhero. He even got him an F for Finsbury.
Squares 11 (3 1 3 x 3 1 x)
Dazzlers 18 (x 1 7 x 5 5 -)

Monday, June 07, 2010

Dazzlers Comeback on Pondsworth Common, Dazzlers @ Kamikazes, 1 June 2010

Some came by train, some came on moped, some maybe even paddled there in a canoe and certainly they came two by two, either way the Dazzlers team that played on Tuesday night pulled together to produce a gritty performance in terrible conditions, culminating in a thrilling reversal of the lead at the last minute to seal another victory.

Torrential rain in the late afternoon had eased off to light drizzle by the time the game started, but the wet ground and ball made all disciplines difficult. The Dazzlers scored some early runs in the top of the first innings, taking advantage of some weak spots in the Kamikazes’ field. The Kamis responded with a run of their own, despite some excellent fielding, particularly by Nikki in right field who was making some very clean pickups of difficult skidding line drives. The Dazzlers struggled to make clean contact with the bat for the next couple of innings before the Kamis applied some real pressure with five runs in the bottom of the third. At this point previous Dazzler teams might have given up, but inspired by Cap’n Chicken’s tidy work at short stop the team upped its game.

Erin and Isaac took some outstanding catches in the outfield to prevent runners getting home at key times, Maggie moved in at third to make some sharp plays to Amy at first, Paul played some good defence at second and Rob added to his solid batting performance by keeping up the pressure when pitching, only allowing one walk in terrible pitching conditions. With the field tightened up, we turned our attention to batting where Nicole and Jack pulled off a squeeze manoeuvre to kickstart a 4-run haul in the fifth innings.

This gave the Dazzlers the lead and the momentum, and by the time the game was cut short due to the rain getting heavier in the top of the sixth we had scored another three, with a runner on second and two outs in hand. Even with the scores reverting, the Dazzlers had already done enough to secure the victory.


Stop press: After the game Steph had some exciting news – she is pregnant! Congratulations Steph. Of course as a sign of respect Don Rob Tona was asked for his blessing, which he duly gave while saying something about family being important...

Dazzlers 7 (2 x x 1 4 - -)
Kamikazes 6 (1 x 5 x x - -)